Foreclosure Help
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The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has provided a list of helpful tips should you be in fear of facing foreclosure.Their first tip is to not ignore the problem, stating that the longer you wait to address it, the more difficult it will be to correct it. If you get mail from your lender, open it. If it asks you to call them, call them. In reality, lenders would rather have a conversation with you to determine ways to help you keep your house than to have your house back in their inventory.Before making the call, however, HUD recommends that you find all your loan documents and read them to the point that you understand them. Information is power and you need to be informed. It’s also critical at this juncture (or even before you fear you may be facing foreclosure) that you contact a HUD-approved housing counselor to discuss your particular situation and explore options and resources.All of the following agencies have been approved by them and appear on their website:

  • Cedar City Housing Authority 435.586.8462 (364 South 100 East, Cedar City)
  • AAA Fair Credit Foundation 800.351.4195 (95 East Pages Lane, Centerville)
  • Neighborhood Nonprofit Housing Corporation 436.753.1112 (195 West Golf Course Rd., Logan)
  • USU Family Life Center HFC 435.797.7224 (493 North 700 East, Logan)
  • Community Development Corporation 801.994-7222 (501 East 1700 South, SLC)
  • Neighborworks 801.539-1590 (622 W 500 North, SLC)
  • Salt Lake Community Action Program 801.359.2444 (370 E South Temple, Suite 260, SLC)
  • Consumer Credit Counseling 435.986.9223 (720 South River Road C-235, St. George)

Last, and most important, you do not need to ever PAY a fee for foreclosure prevention help. It’s HUD’s suggestion that you avoid for-profit companies who may contact you offering to help for a fee when there is free help available and your money can best be spent to pay the mortgage instead! @ 12:00 am

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