House Shows for the SLC Homebuyer
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If you’re like most aspiring homeowners you’ve likely spent the last few months dealing with realtors, reading information online about Salt Lake City’s real estate market and scouring listings online…isn’t it time for something a bit more fun? Here are some of our favorite TV shows that will give you some tips for that new home but some much needed entertainment value. Look for them on your satellite!
Flipping Out – Featured on BRAVO, this show stars the eccentric Jeff Lewis who is a house flipper turned designer in the greater LA area. It’s not exactly Salt Lake City but there are a lot of great design ideas to be had and some helpful advice on dealing with contractors.
House Hunters – This HGTV staple is a great way to check out what kind of home you can get for the money in different parts of the country. Seeing how much 300,000 buys you in New York really puts your big house in SLC in perspective!
Income Property – Rental properties are one of the biggest markets in SLC and you may want to consider buying a home with a rental space. This HGTV show gives you tips and tools to make it happen.

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